Not really meaning to bust on Microsoft, but considering they’re targeting businesses like T-mobile, hotels and casinos, I can’t help wonder if they’ve got a technology in search of a market.

There are a couple other videos floating around the net today and the most “practical” yet demoed was ordering food and paying by credit card at a restaurant.

Seriously, people have tried ordering food in restaurants by touch screen – they don’t want to, it’s not the interface, it’s the notion. I still know people who prefer to go to a bank teller instead of using an ATM. How lame are they?

While video poker and blackjack have caught on, would you really want to play a proper game of card on a table like this with virtual cards? How prone would that be to fraud? I’ll take real cards please, and, if they did develop some way to use these tables with real card games, you’d have to remember that the “house” has multiple cameras IN THE TABLE looking up at your cards!

It’s a flashy interface all dressed up with no date for the prom.

Yes, it might be cool as my coffee table, I’d never had need for one of those big “Coffee Table” books on the Prisoner or the Avengers again.

On the other hand, try to convince me that if you had one in your home it wouldn’t try fulfilling the more natural application for a horizontal space: it would be a table. Things would be on top of it and its functionality would go nowhere.

That’s a mighty expensive place to spill your drinks and have the kids jump off of.