Well, I don’t buy the poker thing, and I did say it’s currently a big ugly black box. So it may not catch on in a big way until the thing is (a) about 2″ thick and (b) affordable. But it’s the concept I like.

You can imagine already, you take your camera to Jessops to get prints and have them spill onto the counter for you to select. Or you’re in a cafe and you want to share the contents of your phone with your mates. The point about it is the potential to actually break the PC out of the office. The AppleTV might do this, in a limited way, but for the first time this interface offers cable free intuitive interactions that could go anywhere.

Need to quickly look up something on the net? Don’t rush through to the study, just push these books aside and do it on the table. Want to select a tune to stream through the hi-fi? Just browse through it right here. How about a smaller (wipe clean) surface in the kitchen, for recipes and stock keeping? Sure, the current Microsoft implementation isn’t ready for that, but for the first time I can imaginge actually having, and using computers in any room.