Thanks for replying … you could have ignored me 🙂

I accept your point about the screen and feedback, and that is valid if you don’t have a DSLR, but if you have, please invest the time in getting to grips with learning how to use it at its most rudimentary level because that’ll give you such better images to work with in post-production. [As an aside I wouldn’t rely on compensating for either poor exposure or depth of field in the edit.]

The smartphone even with clever accessories will only be as good as its lens. The sensor will increase the pixel density but will not improve the quality of the image – exposure, aperture, depth of field are all left to working with a tiny, tiny piece of glass to work with. I can’t believe that you can improve on what’s there (the basic glass), even with fancy accessories added front and back. Replace the lens??? Can’t see Apple allowing that, can you? So you’ve left with something that clips in front of a tiny basic lens – no thank you.