I think the peak oil theory is a really interesting and powerful meme, even if there’s nothing in it. It brings to the surface people’s discomfort at our profound vulnerability living in this massively non-localised system in which even a sandwich has travelled a thousand miles and passed through who knows how many hands, and has been produced in the first place from soil which is only good because it’s pumped full of artificial fertiliser. And more profound discomfort that our democracy doesn’t seem to give us any choice over whether or not we live like this, it just happens inexorably, and we all get pushed further and further down the unsustainable road whether we like it or not. I completely agree with you over the importance of engaging with the political process, but I think for many people in today’s culture there’s a real desire to redefine ‘normality’ and what our relationship to each other and the land can be. Maybe that’s Luddite, or maybe it’s a gut-felt recognition that the only way to face such an uncertain future is with a balanced portfolio of new sustainable local economies and the future-tech solutions of global capital. At the moment we’re forced to put all our eggs in the latter basket, which is bloody uncomfortable because we don’t get to meet the super-rich and powerful who actually make the decisions, therefore we can’t trust them, and the media are so twisted by commercial forces that it all seems to boil down to various forms of hypnosis. It’s made me think about how I actually want to live, irrespective of whether an economic meltdown is just around the corner…..