Bad Wolf

It was only after the explicit references to Blaidd Drwg in the last episode of Doctor Who that I finally realised there had been a whole series of references to Bad Wolf – I’m probably the last person in the country to have noticed. You can check you didn’t miss any at the BBC’s Bad Wolf website. There are theories as to the meaning of this phrase, but a very recent update to the excellent official website pretty much gives it away…

There are several more websites connected with the new series. You can visit the website of Clive the conpiracy theorist from episode one, or the official UNIT website (the password for the secure area is “buffalo” as Mickey typed in episode 5 – although you should also try “badwolf”). There’s the website for GeoComtex, VanStatten’s company (episode 6) -… .- -.. .– — .-.. ..-. is Morse code for Bad Wolf.

Each site is written and maintained by the BBC and all feature disclaimers, such as this from the UNIT site “We apologise for any inconvenience caused if you thought this was a real website dedicated to fighting off alien invasions.” It goes on to add “Aliens do not exist. We certainly don’t work for them.” So that’s okay then.

I tracked these down with the help of the ever excellent WikiPedia which notes that given the references to some of the Time Lord’s activities in 2006, two of the sites are in fact one year into the future.

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