Missing Ten

Some Captain Jack questions have been answered (see below). But just how many times, between 1869 and 2008, did Jack actually miss the Doctor – the right Doctor, that is, […]

Safari 3

I’m playing with the beta. It seems a little snappier that 2, but that’s difficult to see. I’ve also had trouble with 2 hogging memory, which 3 hasn’t done yet. […]

WWDC Keynote

Okay, so far we’ve got games. That’s a field that Macs aren’t going to excel in, they’re too far behind already. Gamers buy PCs. That’s not going to stop me […]


Now here’s some exciting speculation – a Google connection for .Mac? Yeah, it’s an obvious thing for them to do, but wouldn’t it be great? I keep having to increase […]

New Fish

Three new fish in the pond today – tiddlers fresh from the garden centre. They’re testing the water – after the last lot disappeared, and the tadpoles too, it’s possible […]

Potato Update

When the subject of chitting came up before it proved surprisingly controversial. Since I’ve only planted 9 seed potatoes, sticking them on the windowsill in egg boxes didn’t really constitute […]

Angels Stole My Telephone Box

“‘Sparrow and Nightingale Investigate’ Nah, it’s too ITV.” Oh yeah? If the BBC pass up “Antiquarian Book and DVD sellers Sally and Larry investigate timey wibbley wobbly things”, they’re fools. […]


Time to up sticks and head off to a nice new home at www.littlestorping.co.uk. Yes, I’ve finally got round to buying a domain name, and doing all the fiddle that’s […]

Human Nature eBook

It’s back on-line. I never did get to finish it before I saw the adaptation – even the web archive version had chapters missing. But now it’s back, enhanced with […]