Spawn ’09

They get later every year. Last Saturday (21st March) frog spawn in the pond. For one day the frogs went absolutely mad.  Burping and croaking and motoring around, showing off […]

Frogs and Ice

It’s cold. There’s about 2″ of ice on the pond. It’s barely even frozen before. The level’s dropped so I switch on the hose from the water butt. Not much […]


My frisky frogs have brought about the most exciting thing to happen in the pond since the baby fish 18 months ago: two great lumps of spawn (the smaller one […]

Frogwatch Abroad

That’s abroad in the sense of “out and about” not in another country. Although come to think of it, it was another country. And it’s not a frog, it’s a […]

Dead Frog

Not a pleasant post, I fear, but in Little Storping we will not shy away from the truth. It’s a barely recognisable dried out husk, looks a little like a […]


Half time in Germany v. Sweden. Just time to get another picture, so here are my shamrock. It’s lovely and sunny right now, so they’re wide awake, but they like […]