Water Flowers

Little flowers growing in the pond… Watercress. Water Forget-Me-Not. Both of them spread vigorously, although at least the Watercress confines itself to the ponds!

Cancelling AOL

I’m late to this one – it’s been doing the rounds for over a week – but it’s fully deserving of the exposure it’s getting. The story so far: Vincent […]


Half time in Germany v. Sweden. Just time to get another picture, so here are my shamrock. It’s lovely and sunny right now, so they’re wide awake, but they like […]

Roses & iCal

Here’s today’s non-frog garden post, under the newly created “flora” sub-category. Gardeners: could your most useful garden tool be your Mac? Why not create an iCal calendar with recurring annual […]


Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the next in our series of non-frog related garden photos. This bountiful rhubarb is filed under “fruit”, another garden-related sub-category designed to ensure you […]

I’m Not Pished

I’ve been tasting wines. Quite a lot of wines. I got through to number 28 (although I think the numbering skipped four or five along the way). I’m not sure […]


In response to a comment that the “Garden & Pond” section was too frog orientated, here’s the first in a series of non-frog garden pictures. I took this over the […]