March Sun

I had breakfast outside yesterday morning, and sat out all morning enjoying the sun. Life is getting better. Even more excitingly, a friend took me to the garden centre where […]

I Love Microsoft

Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme. But I’m pretty chuffed they’ve posted this update to Office 2004 just a day after my trial of e2sync ran out (and before I […]

iChat on your iPod

Take a look at Andrew Sheehy’s last comment in this Macworld article, about the WiPod to WiPod calls. What might Apple call this “Skype-like” application? How about….iChat? So I’m not […]

Sync Sync Sync

I’ve been trying for a while to get to talk to my work Exchange server. After talking with the IT guys, it seems it’s not possible. I reckon the […]

Nice Player!

The imaginatively named NicePlayer is er… a media player for OS X. I love it when apps are usefully named… Although actually, the name proves quite appropriate. It uses QuickTime […]

Felix Leiter

I’ve long been a fan of Felix Leiter, James Bond’s best friend. Despite my admiration for Joe Don Baker especially his performance in Edge of Darkness, and even Brad Whittaker […]