Okay, to avoid complaints, here’s what I plan to watch this week:

Tuesday, 9.00pm, Five. CSI, Law & Order. Tarantino directed finale to CSI’s fifth season followed by the opener of a new series of the original (and best) Law & Order. 3 hours of pure American procedural goodness.

Wednesday 11.30pm. BBC One. The Shootist. Wayne’s last film with Jimmy Stewart and Lauren Bacall. Recommended by a trustworthy colleague and who can argue with that cast?

Thursday 10.00pm. Five. House. Hugh Laurie’s first US TV series, in which he apparently bursts into “What Ho!” Wooster mode. Do you dare risk missing that?

Firday 11.00pm. ITV3. Framed. Don’t know if I’ll actually get to watch this, but with double Timothy cast that includes Dalton and West, as well as Penelope Cruz and David Morrissey, it’s got to be worth making an effort.