Tooth and Claw

You can now visit the website of Torchwood House website (like the Leamington Spa Lifeboat Museum they also sell Millingdale’s Ice Cream). It’s actually considerably slicker than its real counterpart. And I’ve no idea of the password to scan for heavenly bodies in the observatory.

Oddly, the history of Torchwood House suggests Lady Isobell was 37 at the time of the story. The actress Michelle Duncan is (and appears at least) 10 year younger. I liked Lady Isobell.

Like Gillian Anderson’s Lady Dedlock, she appeared to be a a bit of a cold fish at first but turned out to be loyal and strong. I wonder what she does on her travels after she is widowed and before her death, 14 years later, at the tragically young age of 51 (looking 41)? I hope we find out.

And we now know that Torchwood was established by the Queen Vic…although there’s some gaps to fill between its 1879 inception and blowing the Sycorax out of the sky in…the near future.

And we know the Doctor likes Ian Dury, the Muppets, showing he has great taste. And that he watches daytime TV, which shows he maybe hasn’t. But his deep interest in Earth culture means it’s impossible to deduce he’s actually met Joseph Bell (who he claims, as Dr McCrimmon, to have studied under) because he could have read of him as the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes (just as we don’t know if he’s actually met Arthur Dent, or merely read Douglas Adams). James McCrimmon is the 2nd Doctor’s companion Jamie.


Meanwhile, doing a little housekeeping I’ve created a Doctor Who subcategory (RSS feed).

And Doctor Who has been picking up awards at the BAFTA Cymru awards.

Update: From I see the password for the observatory at Torchwood House is “Victoria”.

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