CrossOver Mac This Month or Next

Welcome to July.

This month (or next) we get, in addition to Boot Camp and Parallels the third way: Windows software on a Mac without Windows, with CodeWeavers’ CrossOver Mac. Like their CrossOver Office (for Linux), it’s based on Wine. Whilst, as with Wine on Linux, this means that there will be applications that won’t run, Codeweavers will officially support the applications it supports with CrossOver Office (eg. Access 2000), plus (drum roll….) Half Life 2! Hurrah! has images.

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4 thoughts on “CrossOver Mac This Month or Next

  1. Well, it’s listed as “Silver” by Codeweavers for CrossOver Office. They rank their support from Gold to Bronze. But they’re saying there will be improved compatibility with Office 2003 in CrossOver Mac, and Access is the one thing you can’t get just by buying Office 2004. So my bet is, yes, it will. And at $59 with no Windows licence to buy, it’s looking good value.

    Only thing is, of course, you’ve gotta have an Intel Mac.

  2. Yes, I’d need an Intel Mac, but I could put the money saved by not buying FileMaker towards one. How cool would that be?

    Flaw in argument: I still couldn’t afford one.

  3. It would be very cool. Pity about the flaw.

    But is Access better than Filemaker? I still can’t use Filemaker properly, but I like it.

    And I don’t want to make it worse, but you’d still need to buy CrossOver Mac – admittedly cheaper than Filemaker, but it reduces the already inaequate saving…

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