Dalek Spotter’s Guide

Thanks to my cousin I shall be unable to even use the internet for 24 hours from 7 o’clock tomorrow for fear of spoilers, let alone post.

But in anticipation of the big event, here’s a quick guide to types of Dalek. To recap, four Daleks appeared from the void craft, but what kind of Daleks were they?

“Original” or “Standard” or “Renegade” Daleks were the Daleks originally created by Davros from genetically modified Kaleds who invaded Earth (in their original timeline, before being wiped out of history). They rebelled against Davros, and tried to put him on trial.

The black “Supreme” Daleks were commanders, subordinator only to the emperor Dalek.

“Imperial” Daleks were the new “improved” loyal Daleks created by Davros after the original Daleks turned against him, not necessarily formed of Kaled tissue and regarded as genetically impure due to their additions and mutations.

The scientist Davros, creator of the Daleks, later styled himself as the emperor of the Imperial Daleks.

The bronze reconstructed Daleks, survivors of the time war, recreated by the new emperor Dalek who hid in the void.

It seems likely the Daleks in the void craft also hid after the time war, but are they reconstructed or did they stay hiding while the new emperor rebuilt the race, only for it to be destroyed by Bad Wolf Rose? It looks like one is a supreme Dalek.

One wish for the finale (that won’t happen): flashback to the eighth Doctor regenerating into the ninth, at the conclusion of the time war. Well, if we’ve been given Daleks vs. Cybermen, surely anything’s possible?

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