Heat, Heatsinks & Catherine Tate

It’s hot here.

It’s been hot for a while, in fact. Last week I was in Wales, and it was even hot there.

In Cardiff, they’re filming The Runaway Bride


In 30C temperatures, Catherine Tate is running down the street in a bridal gown, and David Tennant is all wrapped up in his suit and coat. It makes me feel a bit better as I sweat away at work.

(Incidentally, the show calls for an ATM to pour out currency, and to avoid expense and imprisonment, the Doctor Who production team created their own “Christmas Special” currency: “No second chances, that’s the kind of man I am.” Apparently onlookers have been gathering them up – I bet one of those is worth more than 10 satsumas!)

Meanwhile, if you’re worried your Mac’s overheating and you want to check your heatsinks are doing what they should, try Temperature Monitor for, er, monitoring the temperature.

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