So we’ve got a week until the super new thing(s) Apple have for us are announced, and judging by the invite I’d have to say it’ll be the iTunes movie store.

I’m not so excited by that. TV shows on iTunes makes some kind of sense: they’re well priced ($1.99 a pop) and there’s a logic to it: you might want to download an episode you missed, watch a TV show on your iPod or get a season pass (which I assume uses downloads latest eps podcast-style). But would you want to spend $9.99 on a movie, or watch a feature on your iPod? I wouldn’t, not when DVD rental is just £1.99 and you can see it on your TV, full quality. Not to mention the fact that we don’t actually get any TV shows yet on iTunes UK, so there’s not much chance of movies happening here anyway.

So let’s get on to the fun stuff with more wild speculation. Yes, bigger spec iPods and larger screen iMacs make sense with a movie download store, but how about something totally new? How about the Airport Video, a miniature plug-in device that streams high quality video over 802.11n (making Apple one of the first to use the new protocol)? How does that grab you? I’ll have one.

Mind you, I’ll be needing an 802.11n enabled MacBook, so when are they coming?

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