Weekend Outage

Little Storping was down over the weekend due to a problem on the servers of my host. Why it took them all weekend to resolve is something I shall be taking up with them, but I am looking at alternatives. Presently, I get webhosting as part of my broadband package which is an inexpensive option. Other possibilities include:

  • moving ISP (with all the hassle of researching reliability, which is no guarantee, since F2S were highly rated for reliability when I signed up with them)
  • going to a cheaper ISP and getting a separate webhost (almost certainly dearer overall)
  • getting hosted on wordpress.com (free, but how much flexibility do you get to tinker?)
  • hosting Little Storping on my own server, which quite possibly going to be less reliable than at present since there will be no dedicated technical support (not that that’ll make a big difference), I’ll still rely on F2S (for the connection) and my PII which would be the webserve is liable to crumble into dust given any strain (although I could buy a slug).

Anyway, sorry and all that for the weekend thing, and any suggestions gratefully received.

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