Pears and Pond Damage

This last crop brings the this year’s total to well over 100!


Not all the pears were harvested. Because of the bumper crop I’ve been picky, and chucked the blemished pears away, I’ve also been slow in getting to the ripe pears.

The pond-works completed this year have put the feeder pond right under the tree, and all the land now rolls down to the water, with the consequence that many of the pears that I hadn’t yet got to dropped in the water and immediately begun to rot.

Pond scum

It’s been good for the water snails, but not for the pond. There’s scum on the surface and it smells bad; I haven’t seen fish to know if they’ve survived, but I’m off now to get a large net to try and protect it all from the next threat to oxygen levels: rotting leaves.

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