I tried ranking them yesterday and came up with a preliminary list. It was much more difficult then I thought. First I tried just ranking them… that was too difficult.

Then I broken them into 4 groups: Great ones, Really Good ones, Enjoyable ones and ones I don’t like.

Ones I don’t like was easy: There are only two. The Experience of Love is the only Bond song I’ve ever deleted from my iTunes, and garners my hall of shame award as my least liked Bond film. The other will probably get me booed. We Have All The Time In The World. It’s a beautiful tune from Barry’s best soundtrack ruined completely by Louis Armstrong’s singing. I have just never liked his gravelly voice. It’s rough as rocks to my ears.

I then sorted out the rest of the groups within themselves, put the three lists together in order, printed them out and… I don’t think it is right. Many, many of them are so close that each time I rank them they change position. I’m going to give it some more thought.