Sunshine: I’m not against AppleCare at all I think it is important on a notebook. I’ve got it on my iBook G4 (bought at 11 month point) and will buy it on my Macbook next year, but, “Why spend money today that you can hang onto for 11 months?” Applecare doesn’t buy you much in the first year, and who knows, in that time you computer could get stolen, damaged by events beyond your control or you could win the National lottery before then. Or they might have an AppleCare sale!

Simon: On the other hand 🙂 Now that you mention it, there is something about phone support. US terms (Your kilometerage may vary) I think are 1 year warranty, 90 days phone support.

But… I thought phone support was more installation, use, configuration, general user questions rather than warranty support. If it breaks in the first year, you can still call Apple or take it to the Apple store and get it fixed. I’m going to go look at my Applecare paperwork and see what I can make of it.

Applecare does extend the phone support to all three years, but, how often would someone who has had a Mac more than a year need basic help?

AppleCare does come with TechTool Deluxe, though, which is worth a few dollars.