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Episode 8 of the current Doctor Who (ie. the one after next, which itself is almost two weeks away because of pesky Eurovision) is called Human Nature, rather like the book by its author, Paul Cornell. Even though I’m steering clear of spoilerous forums, I have concluded there is a possibility that the episode may be an adaptation of the book (the first such Doctor Who adaptation, as far as I’m aware).

The BBC have published several Doctor Who ebooks on their website including Human Nature but it’s gone! There’s a message: “Human Nature will return, in more ways than one, in a few weeks… “ which rather confirms the adaptation theory, but is driving me up the wall!

I have a general principle with adaptations that I will read the original first (thus a film of a book I like to see after I have read the book). I might have let this one go, had I not had the opportunity to read it, and then had it snatched away. If only I’d saved the files to disk when they were available. So I begun to search… Maybe someone else had, and would be offering them for download? I tried to use Google’s cache (but it wasn’t complete). Eventually, thankfully, I found an old web archive: effectively the internet’s time machine allowing you to go back in time to when they were available and get them again. So I will get to read it before it’s on the TV.

On the internet, then, everyone can be a Time Lord.

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