Last of the Pears

Hugh FW provide pear recipes almost too late. I’ve had a plentiful crop this year, but they’ve almost all been eaten/frozen/given away/blown away. Which is a pity, because Hugh’s recipes look great, especially the fried spiced. Plentiful Pears

The only reason I haven’t tried this yet is that I’ve been feeling so grotty that I’ve spend 50% of the weekend so far sleeping and most of the rest of the time lying about (The Ambassadors of Death is a great way to take your mind off being ill, but may cause the unwary – me – to add loss of colour vision to our symptoms).

The pear and blue cheese salad also looks very yummy. I’ve already been put onto pears and blue cheese. The potential was apparent with a piece of fairly indifferent Stilton so I went looking for ways of improving on this. The absolutely awsome Cheese Please recommended Cote Hill and Picos Blue. I tried both. The Picos Blue is the kind of cheese that should be kept in a lead lined box and I knew it could stand up to my fairly fruity pears, but to have them both marching around in your mouth is almost too much. The Cote Hill is equally assertive and extraordinarily creamy; I’m going back for more of that but it’s still not quite the perfect pear accompaniment. Hugh FW favours Dorset Blue Vinnie, so I’ll give that a try before the last pear goes soft; I reckon a better bit of Stilton has to be worth a try too.

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3 thoughts on “Last of the Pears

  1. I had a great pear dish in a restaurant that I quite often do at home – very easy.

    Handful of rocket surrounded by alternating slices of pear and parmesan so it looks a bit like a wigwam.

    Drizzle with balsamic and serve…

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