Live and Let Die is a great title. The film was pretty awful, but I love the title (it’s kind of a twin for You Only Live Twice). Agree with you on Tomorrow Never Dies, and Die Another Day; I don’t care much for Licence to Kill or The World is Not Enough either; of the non-Fleming titles only Goldeneye was a suitable homage. Quantum of Solace is a terrific title.

I didn’t think the reboot would work (I was wrong) but I never doubted Daniel Craig would be a great Bond. The best Bonds don’t always get to be in the best films, either. For Your Eyes Only is a favorite, even though it’s Moore, Connery was great but Diamonds Are Forever certainly wasn’t. Casino Royale is a great film with a great Bond, in that respect perhaps you have to go back to to From Russia With Love for something comparable.

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