Now that you menton it… you’re absolutely right.

I’ve never given that might thought to guano. I can remember reading Dr. No in… 1979 or so, and I can remember having to look up the word, “guano” and came away from that with the notion that it was strictly a bat phenomena, and I’ve not questioned that assumption until this day.

Wikipedia tells me it comes from bats, seabirds or seals. Which, upon reflection, seabirds make a lot more sense in the context of Dr. No’s island.

I don’ know which story I’d pick. I’d be inclined to go with the first book except that it is Casino Royale, which is not only too recent in everyone’s mind, but also the novel is not very good.

Assuming they’re done as authentic period-pieces, maybe Live and Let Die. Moonraker with it’s ex-Nazi rocket scientists and guided missle threat to London was somewhat amusing, too.

I would say that OHMSS is the stand-out Bond story, in both the novels and the films.