The Unicorn and the Cornet Player

Besides enjoying Murray Gold’s original score for Doctor Who, I’m quite a fan of the recorded music used in the soundtrack. I’ve made myself an iTunes playlist, and I use these two excellent websites to track down the records featured, right back to ’63.

I’m quite thrilled to have recognised, before it appears on either of these sites, a track used immediately after the credits in The Unicorn and the Wasp. That’s Kenny Baker’s terrific cornet playing you can hear wrapping up Cryin’ All Day with Frank Ricotti and his All Stars. Bizarrely, it’s from another soundtrack, for excellent ITV series The Beiderbecke Affair by Alan Plater, with James Bolam and Barbara Flynn, and used as the theme for that series and its two sequels.

And now we’ve enjoyed Felicity Kendall, isn’t it time Barbara Flynn did (a TV) Doctor Who?

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