Slow Death of an iPhone

This is my premature “coroner’s report” on my 3G (white 1Gb) iPhone.  I’m really posting this for anyone else who is having problems with their WiFi.  For information, rather than hope, that is.

My unit, 10 months (but not under warranty because it was a replacement for one that went in the sea) gradually stopped connecting to WiFi networks and then even detecting them.  Now an Apple Genius has confirmed the hardware is defective.  The unusual thing was there were no other problems with the phone, and there have been no error messages.  I’ve now just switched the WiFi off, although that means I won’t be able to use some apps (like remote) or surf fast at home and at work.

I now expect the rest of the phone’s functions to gradually deteriorate until it no longer rings or lets me dial numbers containing a 6.   I should be furious, but secretly I’m pleased to have the perfect excuse to buy (with money I don’t have) the next generation phone, the one I always wanted, that is going to be announced next week.

You are going to announce it, aren’t you, Steve?

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