Thanks for that. The discussion on that post is really interesting.I agree the UK SitP meetings have value. If it nothing else, they are entertaining and fun evenings, they’re a chance to meet like-minded and the interesting discussions go almost straight to things we disagree on which is, of course, when we learn.But I’m also interested in where “skeptics” preach to the unconverted. I think preaching doesn’t work. Of course, there are those who are knowingly peddling quackery who need to be exposed and challenging them can be a part of that. But for the most part, I’m yet to be convinced that preaching can work at all, and I think the questions skeptics need to be asked need to be focussed on why people think differently to them; I hope the fact that in SitP type events we tend to agree on some fundamentals doesn’t obscure the fact that there are many people who don’t.