You’ve gone and made me feel SO guilty! I’ll recant from the ease-of-use tea bag IMMEDIATELY and convert to that messy, fiddly, technical method of making tea that I was taught as a child. 

I do have an awful lot of Yorkshire Tea bags still in pristine, unused condition so … in the absence of a tea exchange, I may have a sly one now and again.

Finding a good teapot is a struggle. We have trouble finding ones that pour, and don’t spill through the lid as well. Perhaps it’s us, perhaps its the tea bags blocking the spout – we’ll soon found out.

Luckily we have all the gear to convert to leaves, including the Bodum pot – never got on with it really. My potential conversion will bring joy to my son-in-law who tut tuts about the tea in our house and searches for the real thing (or brings his own), whenever they visit. However, we do have a problem … my daughter drinks Earl Grey. That means multiple teapots, doesn’t it?