Dipped into Digital Camera Centre yesterday and gave the Nex-7 a view as a possible replacement/upgrade to my Panny TZ-10. Looked at the possibility of getting the A-mount to E-mount convertor so I could use my expensive G and Zeiss lens for the A-700, but ruled that out quickly as a) it would add another 40mm to the front of the camera, b) I would need to spend £200+ for the series 2 connector to get AF and most importantly the weight would take me back to where I was starting with the A-700. So as the main reason for purchase would be to upgrade the Panny, decided this wouldn’t be a sound choice, esp. as there is NOTHING wrong with the Alpha.

So, if I want to upgrade/replace the Panny for travel/walking, where do I go?

Spent sometime then looking at reviews of the Sony bridge HX200v, and the latest TZ-40 against the Sony HX50. My gut feelings are to stay with Panasonic, particularly as the HX50 (unlike the 20v) doesn’t have GPS, which is important for me in my mapping and travel blogging. I don’t think I want/need a bridge camera – weight and pocketability are what I seek – so when I get a few pennies, I may be looking for a TZ-40, butthen again maybe I’ll just wait until the TZ-10 conks out!!