“Intercrime” Review

This falls between two stools. Not quite the gritty kind of story The Avengers was originally about, doesn’t play up the fantastical nonsense enough. We have a crime bureau with international offices (organised crime with spreadsheets and bookkeeping). If we’d had criminals with brollies, brief-cases and bowler hats conducting board meetings to plan heists and setting targets for lawlessness it might have been a little more entertaining. As it is, it makes organised crime seem even more of a drudge than you’d think possible. Then there’s Cathy’s  entirely unnecessary and rather grating German accent…

We do get to see a prison – Holloway – where Cathy gets sent undercover (so no policemen, but we do have warders).

There a decent amount of fighting at the end – though it’s quantity over quality.

This is another Malcolm Hulke and Terrence Dicks script, but it’s not really a patch on The Mauritius Penny.

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