“Killer Whale” Review

After the wrestling in The Decapod we’re back in the ring – but boxing this time. Steed has an investigation going and a hopeful boxer seems the perfect undercover man to him. To protect this youngster from Steed (he is a protégé of hers) Cathy steps in and decides to manage him. Once again, we have a clash of outlooks.

Almost two entire series on from Hot Snow, it feels like the show is still split – between the gritty and the glamorous – between the sweaty, grimy world of smuggling and boxing; and the sophistication of soap and perfume and designer dressmaking. Steed splits his time between the two.

Focusing on the olfactory seems an odd choice – cue lots of description – and this is compounded by focusing on the colours of the fabrics in on a black and white show (cue lots more description).

Cathy has a new flat – very swish, modern and automated. This new set, presumably, would have made it clear to a contemporary audience that the show had been renewed.

Steed is carrying again – though he sticks his gun in his jacket pocket – something of a risk, I’d have thought.

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