Dufftown and the Money Train

It’s funny how the product of an idea, dreamed up in a creative environment, can take on a life of its own… and end up on The Sunday Politics. A few years ago, I designed a model railway. With talented fellow members of the Brighton Model Railway Club we built it, and it’s been exhibited a few times now. It’s a model of a fictionalised narrow gauge whisky railway in North East Scotland (4mm to the foot – 009) as it happens, though I don’t think that’s why BBC South East spend 90 minutes with the club secretary filming it last week. Anyway, they did a good job of getting some nice footage – even if the purpose was to haul out a steam-age metaphor – and the hon. sec. obviously did a good job of keeping the trains on the tracks.

If you see the layout in real life, you’ll see the station name board says ‘Dufftown’, not ‘South East’ which I assume was changed in post-production.

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