I just noticed I missed this blog’s 10th birthday earlier this month. My first post was on 8 June 2005 and here we are, 10 years and 822 posts later (quantity, not quality, right?)

I’d like to say I’ve redecorated to mark the anniversary, but to be honest I did that before I remembered. So I feel I should issue some platitudes and look back over the decade… it’s been a game of two halves. Five years of Lewes, five years of Cardiff. Five years of Labour, five years of Coalition. Five years of Russell T. Davies, five years of Steven Moffatt.

I’ll certainly admit to being a somewhat uneven blogger. I wrote around 190 posts just on The Avengers in 2014. In the entire first half of this year, apart from this one, I’ve managed to write a total of two posts, prompted only by the fact I had ideas that would expire with the previous government. (Though this would be a good moment, despite the fact it’s Little Storping‘s anniversary I’m marking, to plug its sister blog Moel Rhos where the saga of my new garden railway has already inspired me to write 14 posts…) Six months ago, I wrote that “committing to write a blog post every couple of days, even when its just a few hastily chosen words about a TV show, is an act of madness” but I did actually do it. As Brian Clements, who contributed so much to that TV show and sadly died a couple of weeks after I finished my marathon re-watch, said of writing: “There’s no great mystery. Arse to chair, pen to paper.” So I ought to put arse to chair and get on with inflicting upon you the various posts I’ve got brewing, on living without iTunes, women writing for Doctor Who, narrow gauge on a Pembrokeshire island, and yes, more Avengers. The latter being on another volume of the new audio productions, not another re-watch, although I do feel I ought to confess I have given in to temptation and started watching The Avengers again this week. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it to myself this time.

Anyway, if you have been, thank you for reading.

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