Panasonic 12-32 mm f3.5-5.6

Another new lens?

Well, yes. I’m still using my very basic but incredibly compact GF3 and to capitalise on its small size, I’d been hankering after one Panasonic’s very compact 14mm and 20mm “pancake” lenses. The 20mm in particular has had rave reviews.

But whilst combing ebay I came across the 12-32mm zoom, which I remembered admiring when Panasonic bought out the svelt GM1.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”P1240426.jpg” ]At only 3.5mm longer than the 14mm lens (and vastly shorter than the 14-42mm), there’s no real compromise on compactness, and the reviews claim it is just as sharp (though maybe not quite a match for the 20mm).  Even better, it goes 2mm wider, and although it’s a stop or two slower than these lenses it does have the flexibility of the zoom. It’s just 68g. At less than half the typical price of the 20mm lens, it seemed a good fit for my needs.

Since I bought it, I’ve used it continuously as my standard zoom – I haven’t been back to the 14-42mm once.

Bridge 71
Cipières in the snow

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