“Spyfall” review (podcast episode)

One of the great traditions of the British bank holiday is the late-afternoon James Bond film on ITV. One of the newer traditions of Doctor Who is the ‘festive episodes’ which has slipped over to New Year lately. Spyfall promises to mush both traditions together, and a Bond pastiche is long-overdue for Doctor Who so I was looking forward to being shaken and stirred.

Of course, Bond and Doctor Who are entirely different beasts; Bond changes very little over the years while Doctor Who can transcend entire genres from one week to the next. Bond comes with its own baggage, and, inevitably, I was going to be disappointed if the production team in Cardiff didn’t hire some diva to belt out some wildly inappropriate suggestive lyrics over the Doctor Who theme. (Spoiler: they didn’t.)

So how did I rate the first two-parter of the ‘Chibnall era’? Have a listen to the latest episode of the Fusion Patrol podcast to hear our discussion.

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