This may seem very picky, but this review of Scrubs Season 1 DVD (out on Monday) caused me to pause, and think – shouldn’t I buy the NTSC version of this set? Which format is superior is a matter of debate, but I’ve gone to some trouble to ensure my DVD player and iBook will cope with Region 1 discs, and Scrubs is made for American TV. A PAL version would inevitably mean a transfer so surely getting the NTSC version would ensure the best possible quality on suitable equipment (even if the difference is barely noticable) and could certainly be no worse than the PAL version – unlike with films, where I prefer to buy PAL.

This may seem absurd, and I’ve already bought PAL versions of several American series and I don’t notice the difference (in fact also NTSC versions of British series – shamefully Monty Python isn’t available over here) but now having made this observation, I’m not sure I can bring myself to buy the UK release of Scrubs.

In case you’re wondering, I’m a Virgo and a Mathematician – a perfectionist and a pedant.

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