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iTunes 4.9 has been out a while with its support for podcasting its big new feature. So what podcasts are you listening to?

I found I’ve been listening to movie reviews (strange use for a non-visual medium…). I started out with the excellent Mark Kermode’s film reviews, but then I discovered
Statler & Waldorf's From the Balcony
and who could resist the Swedish chef giving Daisy Duke fashion tips? Or Statler and Waldorf rating movies by the strength of the sedatives they’d need to take…? But this somewhat undermines Steve Job’s no video iPod argument as I’ve ended up cutting out iTunes and watching it on the computer… At least, Apple &, can you please make this a video podcast in iTunes?

The Muppets appear to be having a bit of a resurgence following their Wizard of OZ TV movie. The relaunched website features Miss Piggy’s Sow in the City, they’ve finally begun releasing the series on DVD complete (in the US – bring on the PAL edition) and there’s a film and a new TV series in the works… and possible even a reality TV show (!)

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