Parry People Movers in Brighton Retrospective

Why are there no trams in Brighton?

Well of course there once were. And again, not so long ago as you may have thought…

The Parry People Mover system is a light rail system which uses flywheels to store energy so that no electrification of the line is needed. They draw sufficient energy from a low voltage rail hidden under the low platform for the wheel to power them to the next stop. Cars can run on standard or narrow gauge track. Not only does this mean no electrification is needed, but the narrow gauge track can be laid on top of the road as part of a “carpet” (made from recycled tyres) allowing an almost instant tramway to be constructed.

This was what was set up in New Road in July 2004, as a trial with the council considering a more permenant system. Unfortunately I was away, and by the time I came back it had been removed. Even more unfortunately the council decided against a network, spending the money (if I remember this correctly) on… a tax cut, instead.

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