US Embassy road toll avoidance showdown

I haven’t posted for a while. I have gained and lost a relative and paid little attention to the outside world. But it hasn’t escaped my attention that whilst I wasn’t watching we seem have come into conflict with the US. War has been declared over the London congestion charge on the grounds that it’s a tax, and therefore they should not (under the Vienna Convention) be required to pay.

The Germans are on their side this time, together with another 25 embassies. At least the Russians and the Spanish, not to mention right, are on our side in this. Our diplomats, after all, pay their road tolls in the US. The yanks may be “proud” to declare they’re not paying for what they’re using. Well, let’s hit ’em with late payment fees and clamp their vehicles, diplomatic plates or no.

They’ve made use of our roads. Now it’s pay-back time.

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