Ronin Locations

Just over a week ago I was watching the Mamet scripted but disappointing Ronin, and there was a sequence in which the bandit heroes, led by Robert De Niro and Jean Reno, pursue their quarry through the mountains behind Nice.


Whilst most people, in so far as they might attach any significance to this shot, might be focussing on the back of De Niro’s stunt double’s head, my attention was on the fact that my Mum’s village is just out of shot on the right. Being as how I’ve since come out here for a visit, I got this photo today:

Ronin Location

It’s not quite the same shot, but bloody nearly, albeit without De Niro and his bazooka (the crash barriers were replaced with the wooden ones quite recently, in a commendable effort to make the things less ugly).

Of course Ronin isn’t the only film to take advantage of the beautiful scenery round here. The infinitely superior To Catch A Thief saw Cary Grant chased past Gourdon, less that 10km away.

To Catch a Thief

There is another film, a favorite of mine that I have watched several times, in which there is a sequence I believe to have been filmed near here. I shall post when I can confirm it!

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