Those Results Again In Full

The story so far: Series 28 of Doctor Who has followed a similar template to Series 27, making an almost complete episode against episode matching possible, as reported previously. The Satan Pit did not disappoint, well, at least in comparison to The Long Game, for could we really expect it to have matched the Bolero fuelled brilliance of The Impossible Planet? In fact of all the two parters so far, the only one whose conclusion did not fail to live up to the promise of its opening was the sublime The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances from the pen of Steven Moffat.

Anyway, here are the scores updated to include today’s result:

Round one: Introducing the New Doctor

Rose vs. The Christmas Invasion.

Result: 1-0 to the new guy

Round two: This is the Future

The End of the World vs. New Earth

Result: 1-1 draw

Round three: Victorian Wales/Scotland

The Unquiet Dead vs. Tooth and Claw

Result: 2-1 to Eccleston

Round four: Back to the Present

Aliens of London/World War Three vs. School Reunion

Result: 2-2 draw

Round Five: The Old Enemy Audio Play Remake

Dalek vs. Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel

Result: 3-2 to the Ninth Doctor

Round Six: Space Station Crew Against Mysterious Controlling Enemy

The Long Game vs. The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit

Result: 3-3 draw

Round Seven: Mid 20th Century Faceless Menace

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances vs. The Idiot’s Lantern

Result: 4-3 Eccleston

Father’s Day (series 27) and The Girl in the Fireplace (series 28) are still on the bench, and there are another 2/3 stories in each season still to play (series 28 has one extra episode – the Christmas Special). Fans wait in suspense for the final playoff in a month’s time…

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