The Invasion

It’s only been 48 hours since the series finished, but Doctor Who withdrawal is setting in and there’s 168 days until The Runaway Bride… There wasn’t even a trailer for Torchwood, the one prospect that will get me through the next 5 months – I was sure there would be.

Fortunately there is an incredible Doctor Who event to look forward to: as is widely known many of the early episodes have been wiped by the cretins at the BBC. However, one serial with two of its episodes missing is being released on DVD in November: The Invasion , with the missing episodes ReAnimated and they’re going to look stunning! Check out this sample to see how the the animated version, beautifully drawn, free from dodgy special effects, and voiced by the original cast looks even better than the episodes that survived! Here’s hoping for more releases… indeed, why shouldn’t we see every episode of Doctor Who, either restored or reanimated, to complete the entire series?

An additional Doctor Who treat for me today: I discovered that my companion at lunch was Janet Fielding’s agent, and got her the role of Teagan Jovanka, companion of the Fourth and Fifth Dcotors.

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