It’s time for the previously mentioned salad now the tomatoes are ripening.


The salad is entirely grown in my garden. As well as the tomatoes, there’s the basil (now outdoors), exceptionally spicey rocket (very nice!) and the leaves and flowers of my nasturtiums.


These are not “girly” flowers (you know who you are and I know you’re reading this). Eat one of these and then say they’re “girly” flowers, if you’re not too chicken.

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6 thoughts on “Salad

  1. Yes please! One large salad!

    Love the piccies esp the salad plate, green toms and tom thumbs – – – – – bon appetit!!

  2. Aha! I have found the elusive “aformentionned tomato salad”. Looks good.

    I dare Tarquin to eat a handful of Nasturtium flowers and we’ll see who’s girly then

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