The Return

The Return

This time it’s a baby one.

They’ve got no respect. I spared her Dad’s life last night, and here she is tonight, as cool as custard, watching Genesis of the Daleks with me and then scurrying into the bedroom to hide. Still, on the plus side, the gas man won’t have to call round – he can read the meter right here on my blog.

Worst suggestion so far for dealing with my mice: Lion’s droppings.

Still, at least I don’t have scorpions (like my mum).

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4 thoughts on “The Return

  1. What about a strategy PLUS lion’s droppings? What ARE you going to do with the dear little thing now you have her cornered?

    Set a fashion by having a brown (not white) mmouse as a pet??

    All’s well that ends well then with the gas meter as the last gas man who read the meter was not from the same gas company as supplies the gas!!!


  2. All this talk of mice and scorpions is scary . . . . just about jumped out of my skiin (and my mind!) now when I felt something between my dress and my skin – it has feelers and a forked tail and is like a long beetle-ugggghhh Mon Dieu! What next! Quailed at the thought of killing it tho so threw it over the railing into my neighbour’s garden. Hope it is now so terrified that it willnever dare come back!


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