Late Arrival at the Apple Battery Recall Party

Regular readers will know I have an aging, decrepit G3 (now into its fifth year, well into its second logic board and now suffering an intermittent screen fault). I’m saving up for a new MacBook, hoping I can hold out for the Meroms.

Anyway, over supper, we realised I’d bought it a battery, a couple of months shy of two years ago. So despite Apple’s email only mentioning the G4 iBook, we took a look at the serial number, and what do you know? Simon’s getting a new battery. (Actually, although the email doesn’t mention replacement batteries, down the bottom of the recall page it does mention the G3). The first battery only lasted two years, so this one’s due for replacement (however, I fear it is now bound to outlive the computer). Free’s a good price, especially as the old one hasn’t yet caught fire, so I’m happy.

Apple recalled many of its (Sony made) laptop batteries ten days ago, following a similar recall about a week earlier by Dell.

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