iTunes 7

This has made me quite happy. Damn, it is nice.

  • Cover view is cool. Cover flow view is waaay cool. Art from iTMS is neat.
  • What is this “anaylsing for gapless playback” it does when it starts up first time? Surely gapless playback just involves leaving out the gaps. (And after I spent all that time concatenating MP3s for live concerts and radio plays…) Still, gapless playback = good.
  • daap sharing is backwards compatible with iTunes 6. Critically, mt-daapd works with it.
  • Nice redesign of the playlist section. But why lose the Aqua scroll bars. Is this not a Mac app anymore? Or is Aqua on the way out in Leopard?
  • Got used to the new blue-er logo. First time I saw it I thought “hell no!” Now it seems quite nice.
  • In Preferences>Advanced>General you can now “Allow iTunes control from remote speakers”. What’s that about? My Airport Express can’t do that, and iTV will surely use daap sharing. Might there still be a new Airport Express in the works?

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