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Little Storping-in-the-Swuff has been going for about 16 months, though it hardly seems like it. When I started out, back then, I was new to WordPress, but the best theme I could find was the old “Classic” theme that was the default until WordPress version 1.2 (we’re on 2.somthing now, but it was 1.5 “strayhorn” back then). I liked it because it was simple, suited my immediate needs, and I always intended to refine the site design if I actually managed to keep the blog going.

Finally I’ve got round to the redesign. I’m using the theme 2cgreen, hacked about a bit to include the Little Storping picture and to make it widget friendly. I’ve probably got a bit more hacking to get it exactly how I want, but I’m quite pleased with it so far.

It’s on probation at the moment. Comments welcome.

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