Torchwood Renewed

The BBC have announced Torchwood has been comissioned for a second series.

Torchwood is the longest running Doctor Who TV spinoff ever, but I’ve been a bit ambivalent about whether I want Torchwood back. I just don’t think it’s very good, though I’ve hoped maybe in the second season it will get better. Then again, I’ve thought, maybe it just isn’t working, and it should just be ditched in favour of maybe a show about a covert organisation on a different planet.

But if it’s renewed, I hope someone will be taking a look at staffing. One of the main problems for Torchwood as a believable organisation is that there seems to be no accountability, no lines of managment. Where’s HR? Who does the appraisals? Well, I hope that the BBC take a look at the cast of characters and decide who’s working out, and who’s not.

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