Anna Friel

According to Sam Woollaston 95% of the straight male population fancy Anna Friel. I’ve got to say I think this statistic is highly suspect. Poppycock, even. Quite how he comes up with such a ridiculously low figure he doesn’t explain, but there should be some serious justification for that insane 5%. I remember Nancy Banks-Smith describing our anticipation when Friel appeared in Poliakoff’s otherwise fairly feeble The Tribe.

Pushing Daisies was too insubstantial to actually have come away with any lasting notion of what it was about, but it’s lovely to have Anna back after 7 years. Equally remarkable, though less significant, is the fact that Jim Dale of Carry On is not dead (though give the nature of this show he may have been – and just got “touched” 16 years after Carry On Columbus). Weird, too, to see House‘s Vogler in very different role. I knew him, but I’d never have placed him without IMDB.

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