I watched that one a couple of times and, if the message is, “Microsoft people put their shows on just like everyone else” or “Someday (but not today!) they plan to make PCs easy to use” they might have succeeded. Although, why they’d want to convey those particular messages, I cannot fathom.

These remind me a lot of the Jerry Seinfeld/Superman American Express commericlals, which were equally pointless – but then, that’s always been Seinfeld’s trademark – except in that case, there’s the obvious disconnect between Superman and his awesome, god-like powers and having a spot of trouble getting his lattè done right at Starbucks.

Perhaps I’m too steeped in the computer industry, but does anyone really think Bill Gates is a god-like creature? Or, are they, by association with the Superman commercials trying to elevate Bill Gates up to Steve Jobs’ level as technology demi-god?

Further question: Has Seinfeld ever has an original idea?