At the end of day 1… it’s not crap at all.

There were a few episodes from the last two years I dug; Out of Time, Adam, even Something Borrowed. And I really enjoyed Reset. But I still cringed my way through the many naff bits; and none of them were this good.

Although RTD has made some unlikely things work well, he’s simply ditched others (and I don’t just mean that car and something-else-that-would-be-a-spoiler). The Chibnall regime’s total disregard for narrative structure, for one, and for another the disdain character development. Most of all, though, he’s coherently completed the contextual world of Torchwood albeit by borrowing from Kneale, Wyndham et. al. but then why not (“great artists steal”). Add to that the brilliant, witty, character driven writing that has typified his non-Who output and there’s an hour of the kind of entertainment that, if it’s sustained for the other four hours, is actually making me hope it gets recommissioned. Who’d have thunk it? (Of course, that’s just me, you may well hate it. YMMV, as they say.)